The Castle: Haunted By A Lady Ghost

12by Ayran MEtzender

What is it with castles and multicoloured female spooks? Ghost hunters calling at 12th century Berry Pomeroy Castle are spoiled for choice with both a Blue Lady and a White Lady plying their mournful trade and causing many people to feel inexplicably uneasy when visiting.

The White Lady casino online is said to be Margaret Pomeroy, a renowned beauty who had the misfortune to fall in love with the same man as Lady Eleanor, her less beautiful but insanely jealous sister. Eleanor imprisoned Margaret in the castle dungeons and it is from here that her spirit is said to rise to the castle ramparts. Her partner-in-colourful-haunting, the Blue Lady, is also reportedly seen beckoning to visitors among the ruins. The consensus is that it”s not a good idea to follow her.