The CIA’s “X-Files”

The CIA’s “X-Files”
1952 – East Germany

In Jan 2016, the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States declassified approximately 99
records concerning their involvement and investigation of UFO sightings. With the vast about of
records that were released it would take months to get them all through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) but, thankfully, the CIA has made 10 of these documents available
online if you know where to look.

One of the many reports that was made available is that concerning a Flying Saucer in East Germany. On the first page of Report No. 00-W-23682 it states that the report was Published in
a newspaper out of Athens on Jul. 9, 1952 and was distributed on the 23 Aug 1952. This article titled “Flying Saucers” In East Germany states that a man by the name of Oscar Linke, former Mayor of Gleimershausen had reported a Flying Saucer that was currently being investigated
by West Berlin intelligence officers.

Let me start by going over a little information concerning Mr. Linke. Mr. Oscar Linke was born around 1906 in Germany. He, with his wife and children, had recently escaped from what is
called the Soviet Zone before entering East Germany. The Soviet Zone was actually the Soviet Occupation Zone that was under the control of Russia after WWII. This is rather important because the United States was keeping an eye on Russia along with Germany due to concern
of military advancement or acts of war from either side.

Now, what and where did Mr. Linke see this? According to Mr. Linke himself, he was riding his
motorcycle with his 11 year old daughter when a tire blew out just outside of town. As they were walking, his daughter pointed out something she saw about 500 feet away. They continued to walk toward it and when about 50 feet away he could see two people in clothes that looked metallic looking down toward the ground. They still moved closer! At which point he could see, over a fence, a large object shaped similar to a frying pan. It had 2 rows of holes and a tower
type shape on the top of it. After, according to Mr. Linke, they heard his daughter, both men jumped onto the tower and disappeared. At this point, Mr. Linke watched the object slowly rise, turn and disappear. He then proceeded to go to the location that the object was at and found a freshly dug hole the approximate size of the tower.

With his statement in mind, let’s go over some of the information provided and available. This event happened just outside of the Soviet Zone and Mr. Linke did have concerns about the Soviet’s Military machine advancements, so did many of the Allied Nations. He also says that many people in East Germany are restricted on where they could go due to them knowing too much.

Why was the United States investigating a claimed sighting in Germany? Could it of had something to due with the sightings in July of 1952 in Washington D. C.? Could they have been concerned about the Russian’s and a possible Military Aircraft? Of course, the CIA doesn’t
make access to the full information readily available. This leaves up many questions that have
not been answered, and may never truly and honestly be answered.

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