The City of the Monkey God – The Lost ‘White City’ of Honduras

rn1Somewhere, located in the rainforest of Honduras, is a mysterious city only known as The City of the Monkey God or The White City. This city is believed to be an ancient settlement to rival that of the Maya Civilization, with myths and rumors of its existence dating back to the early 1500’s.

There are many famous and well known adventures who have spent time attempting to locate this mysterious city. Conquistador Hernan Cortes, while traveling on one of many expeditions for Spain, reported that he had been told of a city in Honduras with an unbelievable wealthy though he was not able to locate it, he considered his source to be “trustworthy.” In 1927 Charles Lindbergh along with a photographer believed they saw a city made of all white structures while flying over Honduras. In 1939, Theodore Morde believed that he found the City of the Monkey God but never said where he found it exactly. Morde’s artifacts that he had taken from the site were never confirmed to be anything of historical value, they also were not confirmed to be modern creations. Not long after Morde’s supposed discovery, he died leaving his artifacts and the location of the city just as much of a mystery as before. Tibor Sekelj went hunting for this mysterious city with the money of the Ministry of Culture in the 1990’s, of course he found nothing.

More recently, explorers have attempted to find this city without success. Though the explorations and adventures have found many other sites that have kept archeologists busy, no one has been able to find this city even with its well discussed record of rumor. Not much is truly known about the city. One tribe located in La Mosquitia, the Pech, say they “trace their ancestry to Chalmeca in the Platano River headwaters, near the legendary and lost Ciudad Blanca.” Pech’s society refers to the unfound ruins of this city as Kao Kamasa.

rn2In May 2012, an aerial survey of the remote sections of La Mosquitia come up with some rather odd and unexplained images. These images re-sparked the interest in the White City or City of the Monkey God.

Is it possible that this city was real? What would normally just be considered Folklore has actually gotten a good amount of attention after the aerial survey. Colorado State University seems to think it might actually be worth investigating. The college helped to fund an expedition into the rainforest in the hope of proving, or disproving, the existence of this lost city. Upon their return in early March 2015, the team began to tell of all of the items and structures they came upon. Stone figures, plazas, mounds and even earthen pyramids that had never been seen before. Christopher Fisher, who is a Mesoamerican Archaeologist with the team from Colorado State, stated that the team found a site in excellent condition and it appeared that everything was as it was moments before it was abandoned.

rn3From the items located during the brief expedition it is believed to be from around 1200 A.D. Nothing was removed from the site and all information concerning the finds has been given to the local authorities though Honduras has openly said they don’t have the funding to protect the discovery or investigate the sites.

With so much unknown in the defense rainforests of Honduras, what are you thoughts on this city? Could it really be hiding in trees and growth? Could it actually be one of the Seven Cities of Gold that Coronado searched for? Is it just Folklore that has gone too far? With a little research, I welcome you to come to your own conclusion and thoughts on this Ancient Mystery!


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