The Frontier Prison

w1The Frontier Prison by Katie Snow
499 W Walnut Street
Rawins, Wyoming 82301

Started in 1888 but not completed until 1901, Wyoming’s Frontier Prison opened its doors with 104 cells, no water, no electrical components and barely what one would consider heat.

13,500 prisoners walked through its doors over its years and overcrowding was a constant issue. 32 additional cells were added in 1904 and even women were housed until they were transferred to Colorado. Located on Interstate 80. The “Old Pen” was in operation until 1981.

This prison housed the death row inmates and nine were hanged, five sent to the gas chamber and some died of prison house incidents such as riots,beatings,escapes as well as murders. All in all a total of 250 died within its walls.

It is said that the energy of the prison can be felt as negative because of the horrible history which has manifested into what some claim to be paranormal activity such as full body apparitions, cold spots, dis-embodied voices. The prison allows overnight lockdowns as well as tours throughout certain times of the year.

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