Oct 24

The Haunting At Blue Limestone Park

The Haunting At Blue Limestone Park
Delaware, OH

By Lyza Treadway


Any major accident, especially one involving the railroad and trains, is bound to come with a ghost story. This is no exception.

In small town Ohio, during the 1920’s, the community was rocked by a devastating train derailment. Some say it took weeks to clean up. Others say the accident never even happened, almost like a big cover up conspiracy. As with most tales of ghosts, the details are hard to pin down of exactly what happened, as accounts vary. Legend has it that dozens died as a train slipped off the tracks as it was passing over a tunnel, and wound up in a quarry.

In more recent years, the park has been the sight of occult activity based on remnants left behind and graffiti plastered around. The site of a mass death might just be the perfect place to raise the dead, or for teens looking to scare others.

People say if you go to the park at night, you will see strange lights moving. They also say that if you go near the tunnel where the accident allegedly occurred, you will hear crying and voices asking for help. Are the lights simple reflections, orbs, or spirits manifesting? Could the voices be a simple acoustic trick of the tunnel, water, and trains vibrating from the tracks that are still in use? Nobody has stuck around long enough to find out, or at least lived to share their story.



Lyza Treadway's photo.
Lyza Treadway's photo.