The Hellfire Caves

The Hellfire Caves
Buckinghamshire, Southeast England

By: Justin Klobucar

The Hellfire Caves are a vast network of man-made tunnels that were constructed between 1748 and 1752 by Francis Dashwood. The caves extend a quarter mile underground beneath the St. Lawrence Church.

The layout of the cave is quite extraordinary. (see below.) Tunnels lead to oddly shaped caverns, the river Styx and in to the inner temple. This is where the Hellfire Club held their bi-monthly meetings. Members of the Hellfire Club were of the wealthiest in England and were said to have practiced mock paganistic rituals. There are many who claim that they engaged in orgies, performed ritualistic sacrifices and other unsavory acts…these claims have never been confirmed.

The group disbanded in 1781 after the death of Francis Dashwood and the caves fell into disrepair. They were renovated in the 1950’s as a tourist attraction. Mannequins and furnishings were added to give the visitors a glimpse of the cave’s eerie past. There are many claims that the caves are haunted by the former members of the Hellfire Club. I know I wouldn’t mind investigating the claims!