The legend of the Fairy cross or Fairy stone

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u1The legend of the Fairy Cross. It is an old Cherokee legend handed down
through almost 2,000 years. Herein contains some of the legend. If you
ask a Cherokee about it, he will show you a tiny cross to prove his
story. The Cherokee had no temples, no shrines, no idols. The Sun and
the Moon and the Stars were the trinity. The lightning and the wind,
the thunder and the rain provoked both reverence and fear. For these
were the only messages of God. Here is the story.

“When the world was young there lived in these mountains a race of little
people. They were spirit people. Like the fairies you read about. One
day when these little people had gathered to dance and sing around a
deep pool deep in the woods, a spirit messenger arrived from a strange
city far away in the Land of the Dawn. Soon the dancing and singing
stopped, for the messenger brought them sad tidings. The messenger told
them Christ was dead. The little people were silent and sad. And as
they listened to the story of how Christ had died on the Cross, they
wept and their tears fell upon the earth and turned into small stones.
The stones were not round or square. Each was in the form of a
beautiful little cross. Hundreds of tears fell to earth and turned into
tiny stone crosses, but the little people were so dazed and heart
broken, they did not notice what was happening. So, with the joy gone
from their hearts, they wandered away into the forest into their homes.
But around the spot where they had been dancing and singing, where
they had stopped to shed their tears, the ground was covered with these
symbols of the death of Christ. What happened to the little people? No
one knows for sure what happened to them. The old men of the tribes
said that after that day, the little people were never seen again. But
they say on still nights you could hear them whispering along the river
and that when there is a gentle breeze their sighs could be heard in
the tall trees.”
u2There is a belief among the Cherokee that the crosses had the power to render the owner invisible
at will. Some say the stones are a reward for goodness and kindesss to
all people. The Nunnehi, were immortals who dwelled in the fastness of
the mountains. They had their townhouses under the Cherokee mounds and
under the hills. They were the spirit people who could make themselves
invisible at will after they had come into possession of the tiny fairy
crosses. In some instances, the tiny crosses were supposed to give the
owner the power of diving into the ground and coming up again among the
enemy to scalp and kill with sudden terror and destruction.

The crosses have found their way into rare collections of gems and
artifacts. In some instances, they have been polished and ground to
beautiful symmetry and mounted in gold and used as good luck emblems.

The crosses are actually made of staurolite. This has been designated the
official state mineral. They form a perfect cross at a certain
temperature. They are usually less than an inch in length

Fairy Stone

Alternate Names & Spellings for Fairy Stone: Calcite Fairy Stone, Harricana

Crystal Meanings of Fairy Stone

Keywords: Healing, Practicality

The name of Fairy Stone is said to come from Native Americans who used them for good luck.

u3These stones embody nurturing energy for the Earth and those upon it. They are children of the Earth Mother and bring to light the concerns for her and her well-being.

Fairy stones have a deep practicality, bringing pragmatic answers to seekers. This can manifest itself as prosperity and other practical benefits for daily life.

Spiritual and Psychic Properties

Fairy stones are used for channeling that is grounded and practical. They are less likely to be helpful for un-grounded energy work.

These stones are excellent for meditation, and meditation on the shape and energies of a particular stone can bring its own specific insights. Fairy stones are also used for protection from evil spirits, psychic protection, and protection during ascension by staying connected to the Earth’s center.

Fairy stones are said to adopt people rather than the other way around. For those they adopt they are said to be “little helpers.”

Mental and Emotional Properties

Fairy stones are used to bring positivity to the mental and emotional life. They are said to heal trauma and its symptoms and to stop fight or flight syndroms. One of its lessons is to respond positively to situations of all kinds, even when it seems difficult at first glance. It is also used to rid one of maladaptive defense mechanisms to go through and past issues into calm emotional well-being. They are also said to calm or dispel anger and other negative feelings.

Physical Conditions Properties Lore

Fairy stones are used in crystal heaing for arthritis pain, dissolve calcifications, sound overall health, lessen inflammation, recovery from radiation or chemotherapy treatments, reduce fever, heal wounds

Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Related Chakras

Fairy stones are related primarily to the root and crown chakras.

Rock Lore & Tidbits:

Fairy stones are concretions of glacial of sand, clay and calcite (calcium carbonate) “cement”. This type of fairy stone, aka Calcite Fairy Stone, is only found in Quebec, Canada. It is not the same as staurolite which is also called fairy stone.

These fairy stones have a natural shape of smooth, flattened discs with one or more discs growing together. These discs range from white to grayi-beige to gray. Usually one side is smooth and the other side having irregular markings from fossil micro-organisms which may resemble ancient heiroglyphs.