Mar 25

The monastery of the devil

Luciferby Αναστασία Μεγρέμη

In Argolida, an abandoned monastery creates fear among the citizens. The monastery of St. Dimitrios the Egg one (my apologies for the clumsy translation) found its name from an egg. Before the monastery was built the builders wanted to find a strong foundation for it. There is a big isolated rock just below the mountain and they liked it. To test it, they prayed to St. Dimitrios and then threw an egg from the top of the hi.The egg did not break. So they built the monastery there.

In the monastery many years ago five monks lived there. Suddenly, they started to die one after another from a heart attack and they were buried there. After that it was abandoned. According to witnesses, after some time, a group of kids went into the church and saw the walls full of occult symbols, all the saints paintings and pictures were black like they were burned even though no one reported a fire. And on the floor, the monks’ bones were uncovered from the graves. Most of the symbols were satanic in origin. The villagers knew that satanic rites took place in the monastery but no one talked. The ministry however took action and cleared the walls of the symbols. The energy though still remains…

Someone that is curious enough to visit is warned by the villagers even about the road leading to it. Strange voices that come out of nowhere have been reported and a negative energy is felt.

Another thing that is quite strange is the reports of two figures on the rocks above the monastery; the one is of Satan and the other of Virgin Mary. It is controversial whether the two figures are actually seen on the rocks and according to many, no man could have painted that. The voices are still heard and the energy of the monastery remains a mystery…