The Moon and the Occult

Hello Paranormal Seekers,
The Moon and the Occult
By: Tamara Ortiz

The moon has played a role in the occult going back over 4000 BC, starting with the Sumerians who worshiped the Moon (Nanna). The moon god of Egypt was known as Khonsu (Khons, Chons, Khensu) His cult center was at Thebes where he was part of a triad with Amun and Mut. He was one of the companions of Thoth (who was also associated with the moon and the measurement of time). The moon hasn’t always played as powerful a role in the occult for many thousands of years.

In the Occult and in Alchemy whether the moon is male energy or female energy, it is seen as having great energy. Practitioners will spend time predicting what effects of that energy will unfold depending on placement and fullness of the moon. Many practitioners will observe the night sky during certain times of the year depending on date and astrological alignments. The position of the Moon relative to the other signs is seen as being of great importance. This information is important because certain rituals and rites will be conducted by the practitioner during these times.

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