The Mysterious Man From Taured

gOn a hot and muggy night in 1954 passengers stood in line at customs at the Tokyo airport.

Somber and awaiting their passaports to be stamped customs reviewed the hordes of passengers documentation presented, one man seem to stand out. Tall, dark and mysterious the professional appearing man awaited his turn in the long line.

Upon reaching the counter he presented his papers. Authentic looking as they were the custom agents could find
no such country in their endless books of maps. I mean who ever heard of a country named Taured. Why they asked the gentleman to point out it’s location the man pointed to where the principality of Andorra, Spain is located.

Noticing it was not labeled as his country the man stepped back and claimed “I am from Taured”. He claim his country has been there for over 1000 years and that he never heard of Andorra. He provided accompanying documentation such as a driver license, bank account info and additional business papers all found to be invalid. The mysterious man looked as confused ad the custom agents.

They took the man to an interrogation room and he sat tired and cramped and frustration began to enter the discussion as he explained his country and showed the past stamps and how he had traveled for the last five years without an issue.

Airport officials did their due diligence and called the company the man professed to work fo only to find out it did not exist. They decided to get the man a hotel room where they placed a guard outside while they finished their investigation. The next morning they knocked upon his room door and he had simply vanished.There was only one way in and one way out and the guard  did not leave his post all night. There were no window sills inside nor on the outside so escape via the window was not possible. It seems as mysteriously as he appeared in the airport in 1954 he disappeared as well.

So is this JUST A STORY?

The story of this man appeared in the book “The Directory of Possibilities”, Colin Wilson & John Grant [Corgi Paperback, 1982. ISBN: 0-552-119946].
No one knows for certain if this was a factual account. No documents or newspaper clippings exist other than what was written by Colin Wilson and John Grant. In the story of ‘The Man from Taured’ we learn that an European visitor to Tokyo seems to be caught between two worlds. One of which the man’s reality seems
similar to ours, except of course for the country that doesn’t exist. At least in our wormhole-shanghai-tunnel-flickr-stuck-in-customsworld. Taured exists on no map, yet the man carried official documentation to prove otherwise. So what really happened in that muggy Tokyo airport in 1954?
Could the man from Taured have been a traveler caught between a wormhole? One that sent him unknowingly into our dimension. An alternate universe in which things played out entirely different. A world that lived under the control of the Axis side.

Another explanation is that the man from Taured was telling the truth. As far as he was concerned, he came from the country of Taured. He’s always known of his country to exist, and had never heard of The Principality of Andorra before seeing it printed on the Japanese world map. As far as he was concerned,
everyone had to be playing a prank on him. However we all know that Andorra clearly has existed for quite some time and that the Allies won the war. So could this man be a spy for some dark government agency sent on a mission to Japan? A brainwashed spook that was given a false identity alongside all documentation
to make him believe.

The Principality of Andorra has certainly had a long history with war and politics, so that explanation wouldn’t be such a stretch.
What happened inside that Tokyo airport we may never know. One thing is for certain, strange things happen every single day.

Source – ghosttheory

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