The NPS Goes Live


The National Paranormal Society Goes Live

Editorial submitted by Jennifer Oberski




It has been a busy week, here behind the scenes of the NPS.  Seven days ago the website you are visiting right now was secured, and design and data entry began as soon as the server was ready.  Kevin provided some of the graphics, and NPS members from Facebook began sending in their contact information.


Now that the site is up and running, it will be even easier for you to add your team, location, or specialty service to the directory by visiting the Submit Your Information page and filling out the form directly on the site.  We’ll keep up on the regular database updates on our end, so you keep adding to it.


I’m excited to have completed the groundwork for this site, and I think it is already on its way to becoming a valuable resource for all of us in the paranormal community.  This is a place to publish your research for peer review, and articles on new equipment, or editorials about your experiences; as well as a directory covering not just investigative groups, but events, independent researchers, haunted locations, and any other paranormal service or industry individual, that will be constantly growing and evolving.


The other state representatives you’ll find listed on this site and I have had our heads together, working to provide a quality location that can meet the needs of the membership.  And with over TWO THOUSAND members, that seemed like a tall order, but I think things turned out just fine.


We will always welcome your comments, so feel free to drop a line!




Jennifer Oberski a member of the Troy Truth Seekers, from Troy, Ohio.