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The Knights Templar, have been an order of legendary status, living on in infamy to nearly the same extent. While scholars in great number have studied this group of elite warriors and financiers, it is unclear to this day what is fact and what is mere speculation. Were they a dedicated defenders of Christianity, or did they practice in the Occult…or both? Let’s explore…

It is known that The Templars were formed approximately 20 years after the First Crusade and the fall of Jerusalem into Christian control in 1099 (“Dark History of the Knights Templar”). The Knights used the Temple of Solomon as their stronghold, hence the name Knights Templar. One segment of the Knights were elite soldiers entrusted with defending and expanding the Christian faith; others were skilled financiers and architects/craftsman.

The Templars reportedly excavated the Temple of Solomon, securing secret treasures until it was again lost to the Muslims some 70 years later (ibid). In 1128, Pope Honorius II afforded the Templars great authority, answerable to the Pope alone (“Order of the Knights Templar”). True to the adage “power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely” (John Acton), the Templars amassed treasure from not only the Temple of Solomon, but also from usury, and looting those brutally defeated in battle. They became a force to be reckoned with throughout Europe, and as far as Africa. Their mission seemingly shifted to amassing wealth and power. Castles, churches and other strongholds were built throughout the vast area covered by the Templars, where treasure was hidden with deeply encoded clues re location to keep outsiders from finding it.

ALLEGATIONS OF OCCULT PRACTICES: The Templars returned to Europe in 1290 to rumors of their having turned away from their Christian vows and embracing the occult, even devil worship. It is unclear whether these rumors were true, or whether they were falsified by rulers and clergy who were heavily indebted to, and envious of, the Templars. The extreme secrecy of all Templar locations, rituals, etc. added fuel to the firestorm of rumors. After all, if they were carrying out their assigned mission for God’s glory, what did they need to hide?

According to multiple sources, occupying the same area in Jerusalem as the Cabala, adopted their practices. Cabala, which pre-dates the Torah, “mystic synthesis of pagan teachings prior to Torah and Judaism, associated with sorcery. For thousands of years, the Cabala has been a resource for sorcery and black magic… The Templars engaged in research into the Cabala with the goal of acquiring supernatural powers.” (“Dark History of the Knights Templar”). Those who believe in magic attribute their whole success to magical artifacts acquired via Solomon, and say that the Templars’ astonishingly rapid rise to power was due to either genuine black magic, use of Godly powers, or both. (djps).

Reportedly a former Templar (though Templars took oaths for life) had made claims against the order for denouncing their faith, engaging in activities forbidden by the church, occult practices, and Satan worship. During the Knights’ extremely secretive initiation rites, initiates were required to deny Christ three times, spit or urinate on, or trample a crucifix, (Encyclopaedia Britannica, “Dark History of the Knights Templar”, dpjs). There is no definitive proof of devil-worship; however, with demon images built into and within churches and other Templar buildings, many accept that they were Devil worshippers. Templars studied Cabala Arab occultism, many forms of magic, and other occult practices. (djps, Dan Brown)
The Templars were reportedly worshippers of Baphomet, referred to by some as a devil, others a demon, others an idol. Underwood describes Baphomet as “a demon with the head of a goat, whose image was later to become the symbol of The Church of Satan.” Eliphas Levi, an occultist and practice of Cabal, depicted “Baphomet as having a goat’s head with two faces, and a winged human body that is female above the waist and whose lower half is male.” Other sources listed below provide similar descriptions. During the interrogations which followed the dissolution of and unsuccessful attempt to eradicate the order by Philip IV of France, many Templars confessed to these claims, and practices including worshipping idols of cats, a bearded head on a stick, and being invested with occult powers during secret black masses and other rituals (djps).

While many Templars were captured, tortured and confessed, most recanted their confessions, only to be burned. Others escaped and are widely regarded as having fled to what is now Switzerland and to Scotland, where to this day, Templar symbolism is evident. One common belief is that the Templars exist even to today in the form of Freemasons and the Illuminati. (“Dark History of the Knights Templar”, djps). Scholars to this day strive to prove or disprove the alleged practices of the Knights Templar by attempting to follow the maze of codes and symbols. For now, their legend continues and the majority of their secrets remain hidden…

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Lisa Shaner-Hilty

Lisa Shaner-Hilty

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