The Patty Cannon Home

cdDelancy Road, just off Rt. 40 at the Delaware/Maryland line

In 1760 a new life came into the world. Her name was Patty Cannon.
Not a nice person by all accounts she was a leader of a gang that
kidnapped free slaves and sent them back to the plantation owners.
From 1821 thru 1829 Patty took on another role. That of Murderess.
It is said she murdered anywhere from 4 to 11 plus men, women and
children by means of beating or shooting. Finally a body was found
in her basement and before her trial she took her own life. Later her
head was stolen from her paupers grave and now resides in the library of Dover, the Capitol city of Delaware. It is said she wanders her home, prehaps looking for her head.

Source – Delaware Online