The Relative Usage and Reliability of the Trifield Meters.

a1by Virginia Carraway Stark

Trifield meters are also called Gauss-meters or EMF readers and are used for many industrial purposes including telecommunications and working with electrical grid. They have been largely manufactured and developed to measure man made fields it is for this reason, as well as many others that trifield measurements and movements are never accepted by respectable paranormal investigators as ‘proof’ of anything at all unless they are backed up by witness testimony and other events.

Trifield meters are often erroneously called ‘ghost detectors’. This is laughable and inaccurate. They are designed to detect fields of energy and those fields of energy can be found from many, many sources. The Trifield has no way of discerning if energy fields are coming from a ghost or from an electrical outlet. For this reason, to be used at all, it is highly recommended that you turn off all power sources. This doesn’t mean turn off the blends, this means that the house or building you are in must be completely cut off from the electrical grid. Turn off the power at the circuit box or the results won’t be even vaguely accurate.

Natural Trifield meters only measure natural fields rather than man made fields. Nevertheless, there are inherent difficulties even in these. Many of them are far too sensitive or not sensitive enough. They may pick up readings from the earth itself or from certain types of stone such as quarts, or marble in a kitchen may make the needle give a jump.

a2Even Natural Trifield meters often pick up man made fields as well. They are particularly susceptible to getting a false jump from booms and sound equipment. The resonance from the human voice interacts with the meter and as people perceive that there is a positive read their voices get louder and more excited and this causes the needle to jump even further. Since almost all television shows about ‘real life’ ghost hunters have this equipment the results from trifield meters are even more dubious in these cases.

Humans themselves, being ‘natural’ also cause the meters to react. Some meters will react off of a person moving, even through a brick wall or on the far side of a house. Some people have seen results even from someone sitting quietly and moving Styrofoam plates that apparently cause the meter to react.

a3Any setting except the magnetic setting is fairly pointless and there doesn’t seem to be anything to be proven to set the trifield on ay of the other settings. Make sure to realize that the meters are designed to be stationary despite the fact that they are arranged to be comfortably held in your hand. Walking will likely trigger a reaction so find a solid surface to leave it on and record and results you should see from it.

They can be useful as circumstantial evidence when placed with other data but always remember that they an EMF field doesn’t actually mean anything on its own. Take any data with a grain of salt and bear in mind that the trifield meter is the pinnacle of circumstantial evidence.