The Sasquatch in British Columbia

c1by Virginia Carraway Stark

This isn’t just an article about the Sasquatch, this is specifically an article about what has been observed in over 200 years of observation of the Sasquatch in British Columbia, Canada.

B.C. Is unique because it has had accounts documented from settlers and explorers for hundreds of years in addition to the native lore that talked about hairy cannibals. The natives had a name for the creatures and depicted them in totem poles, masks and other artwork as well as stories about the hairy females of the species stealing and eating children from out of the villages. The kwakwaka’wakw called them the Dzunukwa and they were depicted as being hairy and black skinned with large breasts and large red lips.

When settlers came to the difficult terrain of B.C. They reported that ‘hairy humanoids’ attacked their company by hurling large rocks at them. Some of these accounts were documented, such as in 1864 when Alexander Anderson wrote about an attack while on a fur trading journey.

c2People in BC are pragmatic about their encounters with the Sasquatch, many feeling that they are a reclusive but legitimate wild animal and behave accordingly. Many people who live near mountains or large lakes report multiple sightings and claim to have seen Sasquatch clearly, sometimes coming up to screen doors, sometimes while out hiking and on a few occasions, going through their garbage.

Many people report a foul odor and others report a howling, screaming noise has also been seen to be emanating from the Sasquatch Other witnesses claim to have seen Sasquatch pick up enormous logs and use them to hit trees. This seems to be a form of long distance communication as replies can be heard from far away. Sasquatch are believed to be moderately intelligent omnivores and the sightings seem to back that they have a communication system with each other and possibly a primitive language.

Harrison Lake is home to azure skies and world class hot springs, and they are also home to Sasquatch National Park and and annual Sasquatch festival. Sightings here are said to be common and the local stores tack pictures people have taken of Sasquatch to bulletin boards and walls as trophies. Driving to Harrison Hot Springs in the dark the unwary traveler may be startled by the giant Sasquatch carvings that suddenly appear in the headlights.

c3If they are so common in British Columbia it seems strange that they remain on the Cryptozoology list, nevertheless, it takes a lot to prove an animals existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. In fact, some native groups believe that while Sasquatch was very real in the past they have become extinct and everything that we now see of them is their spirits that still roam and are angry and refuse to die. It is important to know that British Columbia is a vast province with mountains and lakes that in many cases don’t have a road anywhere near them. Much of the terrain is nearly impenetrable on foot or ATV and you would have to be an experienced mountaineer or explorer in order to even get to many of the places without a helicopter. Even with oil exploration and other development there is a lot of wild, virgin land that has seen hardly a human footprint and there are many places that these elusive beings could still be roaming the mountains and forests of a land nearly as wild as they themselves are.