The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Ancient Mysteries: Ancient Monoliths
By: Justin Klobucar

There are over 300 stone spheres of varying sizes located in Costa Rica that were believed to be constructed by the extinct civilization of the Diquis. The Diquis civilization was in power between 700AD and 1530AD. They fell out of power shortly after the Spanish conquest.

The spheres were discovered in 1930 by workers of the United Fruit Company who were working in the jungle.The spheres were found to be arranged in geometric forms like triangles and parallelograms. There was a line of spheres that pointed to magnetic North, which led some to believe the Diquis civilization had an extensive knowledge of magnetic compasses and astrological alignments. Many were destroyed by workers who thought there may be gold inside. Some were taken and used in architecture in the surrounding cities. Few remain in their original location.

There is much speculation on where the spheres came from and how they were made. Some believe they were from the lost city of Atlantis or that the Diquis had a magic potion to mold the granodiorite boulders to their present form. Archaeologists believe they were made to adorn the path to important chief’s dwellings.

We may never fully know how or why these spheres were created, but they do ad an interesting story to the world of Ancient Mysteries.

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