The Thunderbird


For this article we are going to discuss the Thunderbird. There have been many accounts of giant birds all over the world and indeed some famous birds that many have heard of (from a mythological or cryptozoological standpoint) are the phoenix and African Lightening bird. So what is the basis for these giant bird sightings? Are people simply misjudging the size of these birds? Are they lying to get attention? Are they perhaps mistaking other known creatures for these allegedly unknown birds? Or is there some thing more to these accounts of giant birds? Indeed we are going to examine a well known giant bird, called the Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird is commonly talked about in Native American legends. Many of these legends describe a giant bird with a wingspan of 20 feet or longer. Some of these legends say that these birds are really Gods that protect their territory by flapping their massive wings which causes thunderous booms to scare people away. They describe what many believe are the now extinct, pterosaurs. These Thunderbirds are said to have eaten everything from killer whales, to small animals, to even human children.

So apart from the Native American legends are there any modern accounts of these creatures? In fact yes, there are many. One famous account comes from a group of cowboys who claimed to have killed this creature, nailed it to the side of a barn, and even photographed it, though the photo has long since been lost (this took places before the 20th century). Another modern account comes from an incident that took place in July of 1977, when a boy claims to have been picked up by a giant bird and carried over 30 feet before escaping unharmed. Another account takes place in Pennsylvania in 2001, when a 19 year old man claims to have seen a giant bird making large thunderous flapping noise, fly above him with a wingspan of 10-15 feet.

Texas, Alaska, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania have reported frequent sightings of these large birds. So do they prefer to live in these states? Do they migrate perhaps from state to state? To date there has been no hard, concrete evidence found to substantiate the existence of the Thunderbird. However sightings continue to happen and people continue to hunt for evidence to prove these birds exists.

Alexander LaFountain

Alexander LaFountain

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