Tree of Life

Tree of Life

By: Tamara Ortiz

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

This post was inspired by a comment from a member on a previous post from the Occult department. She brought up the idea of and the symbol “The Tree of Life” being used in the Occult. Being such a complex symbol, I thought it wise to dive right in.

The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual belief systems including parts of the Occult. The tree of life represents wisdom, protection, strength, bounty, beauty and redemption throughout these beliefs systems. (Catalogs, 2016) I believe one of the factors that make this symbol so meaningful is because the tree is a very powerful symbol within its self. It is the one thing in nature that never stops growing even when it is dying it still continues to grow. In ancient Egypt the tree of life represented the hierarchical chain of events that brought balance between life and death. Buddhist believe that the tree of life is the very tree Buddha sat under while finding enlightenment. Chinese mythology represents the tree of life accompanied by a phoenix and a dragon, the dragon representing immortality and the phoenix representing rebirth. (Symbolic Dictionary , 2016) The most complex system of the tree of life is found in the Kabbalah, It embodies creation, existence and the return to the divine in ten spheres and twenty-two connecting paths. I find the tree of life and its representations across all platforms to be so beautiful and it is such a magical symbol. (Real Wiccan Spells, 2015)
I have decided to talk about this particular symbol because of a members interest but also I have been asked several times on previous post if symbols can be interchangeable, used across multiple platforms. I personally believe so and the tree of life is a perfect representation of this.

A symbol represents little more, and nothing less, than what the bearer chooses to have it represent but this is just my opinion.

What are some of your favorite symbols found within the Occult culture and there history?

What does this symbol mean to you?

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