Two Mysterious Holes in Khufu’s Pyramid

Two Mysterious Holes in Khufu’s Pyramid
By: Stephanie Kelly
Many people have speculated that there is more to Khufu’s Pyramid, part of the Great Pyramids of Giza, then researchers and scientists have been able to uncover. With the new information released recently, it would appear that the sceptics are right. Scientists, Researchers and the Ministry of Antiquities have always wondered if there is more hidden in the pyramid due to it’s massive size and the importance of Pharaoh Khufu in Egyptian history. With the help of the cosmos, the world may be a step closer to uncovering more of this Ancient Mystery.
In October of 2015, Heritage, Preservation and Innovation started the Scan Pyramids Mission in the hope of being able to scan all of the Egyptian Pyramids. After many test runs and examples of the methods used and their safety, Scan Pyramids Mission got approval to, with intensive supervision by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, begin scanning Khufu’s Pyramid at Giza. The organization began work in June 2016 and it is still continuing as of October 18, 2016.
The Scan Pyramids Mission is using 3 different techniques to evaluate builds. Their first step was to conduct 3, 24 hour, thermal surveys of the front face of the pyramid. There has always been an odd indent in the front face and this became of the focus of the scans. After the information from the thermal surveys was completed and reviewed, Scan Pyramids decided it had reason to expand the area of interest and to begin the 3D reconstruction and analysis. When the reconstruction was complete and combined with the thermal survey it raised many questions for the researchers.
Researchers were not sure what was hiding in that area, but they knew they could get a step closer to figuring it out. The last test to be conducted involved Muography. Muography is the study of elementary particles called muons. Muons are still a little mysterious as they created by cosmic rays and have an odd ability to penetrate surfaces.
On the Oct. 15, 2016, Scan Pyramids Mission released their initial finding using the information provided by the Muography, combined with the thermal surveys and 3D reconstructions. Their press release states that they have been able to confirm a void in the North East edge of Khufu’s pyramid. They have also located a cavity behind special markers called chevrons not far from the main corridor into the pyramid.
Though there are still many questions and months of studies and scans left for Khufu’s Pyramid we know for certain that there are at least 2 hidden mysteries in this ancient structure. What is hiding behind the walls? Could these cavities or voids hold more information into the creation of these amazing structures?
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