By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair



Address: 401 S Juniata St, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
Phone:(814) 695-2624
Hours: Open today · 11AM–11PM

The U.S. Hotel is open every day for food service. Plus, the bar is popular with locals also.
Built back in 1835 this historic location has its own history, along with legends and ghost sightings.

The U.S. Hotel located in historic Hollidaysburg (just one block off the Pennsylvania Rte. 22 at Wayne and S. Juniata Streets) is known throughout Central Pennsylvania as the mysterious haunted hotel. It has been the backdrop for several TV and Local Paranormal Investigative teams.

The original hotel was built in historic Hollidaysburg, PA, by John Dougherty, in 1835.The hotel has since had many different owners and at one point during World War II the Navy set up a radio school. Over time the hotel fell into a state of disrepair and the original relics that once sparkled and shined eventually were destroyed. Luckily Karen and Jason Yoder looked beyond the dust and debris when they decided to purchase the U.S. Hotel and bring it to its former grandeur of days gone by.

The business has been closed again Jan. 1, 2013, when former owner Karen Yoder signed over the deed to the property to Altoona First Savings Bank to avoid foreclosure.
Local building contractor Don Delozier, Has since purchased the U.S. Hotel Restaurant & Tavern.
Ghost hunters from all over have investigated the entire hotel. Interviewing customers and the owners and dug deep into the history while attempting to establish a reason why ghosts would inhabit the hotel. One report was of an answer came in the form of a unexpected panic attack causing one investigator that ran out of an upstairs room. They had witnessed an apparition of a pretty woman with long auburn hair lying on a bed in a room completely and utterly writhing in pain and holding her head.

Another report of a group witnessed the shadow of a male ghost carrying an axe. He is believed to be a man stabbed mortally in a bar fight. It is believe he roams the halls looking for vengeance.

The upstairs is no longer taking overnight guests that are among the living. It seems there is an abundance of guests that are permanent residences.

Customers have reported seeing ghosts walk through the banquet hall in period dress. Plates and glasses fall in the kitchen area.

It is said that when parties are held. People can here walking and laughing on the staircase, as if the non-visible residents are coming to join the festivities.

Ladies have reported that there is a “filthy” looking man that watches them lecherously.

Some have seen a bride looking frantically for her lost lover. It is believed that she might be the same woman that is seen in pain on the bed. It is rumored that she committed suicide after being left at the aisle.

Reports of Murder Suicides are believed to be the basis for some of the children that reported to roam the halls and play tricks on patrons. Keys disappear and reappear. People report hair being touched. Giggling and running in the empty areas.

This really seems to be a “Hot Spot” for activity and might be a location to investigate further.


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Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.