UFO and Alien Activity in Vanderhoof and Fraser Lake in Northern British Columbia, Canada

by Virginia Carraway Stark

v3The one thing that can be said about the UFO activity in the Vanderhoof area is that it is so common and widespread that it seems to be common knowledge amongst the locals.

It isn’t unknown to see several cars parked on the side of the road, people leaning against them and watching the zig-zagging ‘light shows’ that pass for entertainment in the sleepy farming community. While hard facts are hard to come by, at least one resident, Brian Vimes, has been compiling information about the activity and documenting incidents from anyone who is impacted enough by the activity to file a report with him.

Vanderhoof has the unique distinction of being the first in western Canada to have documented crop circles as well and those and the mysterious missing women and the omnipresent lights in the sky are the three main factors that locals will tell you are proof of the phenomena.



Far from capitalizing on the UFO craze, Vanderhoof residents are reluctant to speak to outsiders and are secretive about their theories. It isn’t like visiting Roswell, New Mexico. Even though UFOs are the unspoken ubiquitous thread there aren’t any signs of interest in them. Nevertheless, conversations speculating on why the ‘ships’ hover over the now defunct Molybdenum mine are more common around the campfires than ghost stories.

v4Other people blame the UFOs for the dozens of women who have gone missing along the highway that cuts through Vanderhoof. The infamous ‘Highway of Tears’ has allegedly claimed more than forty aboriginal women and a handful of other women whose disappearances have never been solved. The women go missing and don’t leave a clue behind and they or their bodies have never been found.

Pictographs on the Aborignal tribal land that can only be reached by boat have also been interpreted as proof of ancient UFO activity in the area. According to some native story tellers, the ships come up from under the lakes or from inside of mountains.

The vagueness and the speculation of the region add to the eerie quality of the zigging lights in the night sky. Nothing systematic has been done to debunk or prove what any of it means but in the meanwhile, the body count keeps growing and the lights keep flickering through the clouds.

If you want to read some of Brian Vimes reports you can go to: