Unidentified Flying Objects in New York State

Lake-Tiorati-UFO-Orange-County-New-York-19661New York State historically has had more than its share of reports of strange craft in the sky, crop circles, interruptions of the electrical grid, and other unusual occurrences. While some incidents such as the Hudson Valley sightings and the big blackout of 1965 were widely reported, others have received less media attention. Author Preston Dennett points out that New York State is arguably the most politically powerful in the country, and states it is no surprise that there is a wealth of reports and encounters. He also points out that there are sightings in rural areas as well as in New York City.

The first challenge in looking at New York State encounters may stem from the fact there are many military bases, diverse industry in a state that within an hour’s drive one can experience densely populated areas to farm land, woodlands and parks which are sparsely populated. Some cities and collegetowns of New York State are very open to watching the skies and discussing unusual encounters whereas others quietly keep to themselves. The problems may first lie in descriptions of the state as well as references as to where sightings occur.

Most people think of New York City, when they hear the words “New York.” Many who have never visited this large state do not realize that New York boasts not only a world-class financial district, but acres of farm land, a variety of cultures and mountainous regions. One of the most confusing aspects in studying unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in New York State is that many do not understand the vast size and unusual shape of the state. There is also the confusion regarding the term “upstate” as it is defined differently by New Yorkers themselves. Those in the far southern section, who live in and around New York City, the Big Apple itself, consider “upstate” as the bedroom communities within an hour and half north of the metropolis. However, the state is much bigger than that. The area known as Central New York, or the heart of the state, stretches from the small city of Utica to just east of Rochester. Western New York includes Rochester, Buffalo and Niagara Falls, bordered by Lake Ontario to the north. The southern tier is based on the Binghamton and Elmira areas and is bordered by Pennsylvania to the south. Yet the southern tier is “less southern” than Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. Northern NY is the home of the Adirondacks, and below that is Capital land, where the state capital, Albany is located, along with Troy, Schenectady and Rensselaer on the eastern side of the state at approximately its midpoint. Confused? The irregular shape makes it hard to understand for residents.

Cheryl Costa has been following the statistics regarding UFOs in New York State for a weekly newspaper in Syracuse, NY. Her records show that 2012 had inordinate online casino amount of sightings, but this number decreased greatly in 2013. There were 648 reports in 2012 but only 433 in 2013, similar to the 415 reported in 2011. To look at her statistics on the new millennium, despite some fluctuation year to year, the sightings have significantly increased. 2000 saw 139 sightings, 2007 hit 227, 2008 hit 301, with every year since hitting over 400, with the exception of 2010 with only 310. Clearly the statistics clearly show that sightings are increasing, and research is needed to not only ascertain why, but also why some years are more active than others.

Tom Conwell, author, paranormal expert and ufologist has been watching the statistics of the sightings, from 1999 and has compiled data that takes this to a different direction than Costa’s work. He has categorized the sightings according to the shape of the objects witnessed. He states in his presentations that in New York,
reports of cigar-shaped objects, triangle craft and discs have decreased, reports of strange lights and shapes have remained the same. However, reports of spherical shapes and fireballs have increased. He feels that the sighting are changing and there may be yet, unknown or undisclosed reason for this.

Is the truth stranger than fiction? Author Whitley Strieber, became famous for writing about his abductee experiences in his “Communion” series of books. His initial experience took place while on vacation in a cabin in Northern New York and his accounts of interactions with UFOs and their occupants became an international sensation. It might be a nightmare from the mind of an accomplished horror writer, but what if there is more to this?

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