Day 4 – Vortex/Vortices


How many of us have taken a photo and thought we saw what we initially thought was ectoplasma, a mist, or a streak of a spirit going by? Yep…I think we have all seen these types of photographs whether we took them ourselves or someone posted one. So how do you debunk these photographs? First off, let’s define what these are really called – they are anomalies known as a vortex or vortices. Sometimes the mists or “ectoplasma” that appears in the photograph are caused by totally explainable things such as your breath on a cold night outside, cigarette smoke, fog and sometimes moisture and/or humidity in the area. The pictures we see where you think you see a streak of an orb or a spirit are usually caused by a camera strap getting in the way, a hair strand or even a piece of thread from your jacket or shirt getting in the way of the lens and being reflected off of when the flash goes off. Vortices also appear in daylight photography when sunlight reflects off of something like dew or water droplets.

Again, be aware of your surroundings when you are taking pictures. Pull back any long hair or bangs when snapping photos; ensure the camera strap is around your wrist, out of the way of the lens or even removed from your camera. Double check your clothing to make sure your sleeves haven’t caught a stray piece of hair or have a thread loose. All these are steps to make you a successful photographer but won’t guarantee you will capture something paranormal!