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The wand is perhaps the most well known tool when it comes to the occult and all things magick related. The wand has been used for thousands of years in religious rites, ceremonies, and magickal workings. The wand is what is called a “focusing tool”. In other words, the practitioner wielding the wand, directs their own personal energy through it, in order to direct that energy toward achieving a magickal goal. Wands can be made of any material, indeed they range from stone to glass, metal to wood. There are advantages and disadvantages to making wands out of each material so its highly encouraged to know all about the material before you choose to fashion a wand from it. The most common material wands are made from, is wood. Wood is abundant and every where. Indeed one could simply find a stick outside and fashion a wand from it with relative ease. Each different type of wood has its own magickal energy or attribute that is carefully kept in mind by the practitioner.

Often wands are decorated with various things like feathers, beads, strings, crystals, etc. Also a lot of wands, particularly wooden wands, have symbols burned or carved into them that represent different things. Often times wands have a crystal attached to the tip that amplifies that wands power and indeed helps amplify the energy being used in the magickal ritual. Wands can be made or bought, indeed today many online Pagan stores have sections devoted to hand made wands of various types, shapes, sizes, and prices.

Wands have been seen in many cultures for various purposes over the course of human history. Some cultures have had leaders carry wands as a symbol of power and political office. Others have had wise men and women carry them, healers have carried them, priests of various faiths have used them. Indeed it would seem the wand is perhaps the most universal tool in magickal history. The Egyptians used to bury their dead with all of their possessions, so that the human soul could use these objects in the after life. There have been bodies found with wands, particularly from the Pharaonic period of Egyptian history. In mythology many special people (and deities) were seen to carry wands. Hermes the Messenger God and Son of Apollo, carried a wand. Circe the Greek Sorceress carried a wand that she used to turn men into pigs. Merlin was often depicted using a wand as well as a staff, the Druid’s were some times depicted as carrying wands as well as staffs, and many who practiced divination in ancient times were said to have carried wands that allowed them to foretell the future. As you can see, wands have a very ancient history both magickal and mundane.

Alexander LaFountain

Alexander LaFountain

Sr. Director/Demonology Dept Chair at National Paranormal Society
Alexander LaFountain is a Demonologist based out of Texas. He was a member of Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations when he lived in Georgia and became a member of the Afterlife Research Team when he relocated to east Texas. He spent the last several years studying demonology and handling demonic based cases. He is also working towards becoming a Catholic Priest in the Independent Catholic Community.
Alexander LaFountain

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