What is histoplasmosis?

histoI can just imagine the excitement and adrenaline rush of going on a investigation in an old, dilapidated, abandoned building! But beware! Histoplasmosis may be the only thing you “catch”……

Wait…what?? What is histoplasmosis??? Why do I need to know this, you ask??

Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by breathing in spores of a fungus often found in bird and bat droppings. It is most commonly transmitted when these spores become airborne. Most people who develop histoplasmosis never develop symptoms and are not aware they are infected. For people with already compromised immune systems, histoplasmosis can be serious.

Several types of histoplasmosis exist, from the mildest form producing no symptoms, to the most severe infections which can be life-threatening. Signs and symptoms will usually occur 3-17 days after exposure and may include the following:
– fever
– chills
– headache
– muscle spasms
– dry cough
– chest discomfort

“Chronic” histoplasmosis may include weight loss and a cough that may produce blood and can mimic the symptoms of tuberculosis. The most severe cases of histoplasmosis occur in people with compromised immune systems, as mentioned above, and can effect nearly any part of your body, including your mouth, liver, central nervous system, skin and adrenal glands. If untreated, this variety is usually fatal.

In closing, as investigators, please do your due diligence in always being aware of your surroundings and the physical dangers of the area you are investigating. Contact your doctor if you develop flu-like symptoms after being exposed to bird or bat droppings. And, as always, stay safe out there!


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