What led us to research at all?


Today I would like to cover some reasons why we would research a location. The most practical, and obvious reason is of course because of a client. I however wrote these out not because of team investigations into a location, but for those of us who have had our eye on a location. Certainly our brains assume that a haunted location appears as such, and it has that vibe and appeal.

I am personally guilty of looking through abandoned home photos and assuming it must be haunted. I am also guilty of driving down the road and spotting them. This guilt has led me to look a little deeper into it. It has caused me no peel back the layers of rumors and varied opinions and endless hearsay to reach a more sensible conclusion.

As seekers of truth and education; we would like to know that the thought associated with a photo is more than just that. You may feel drawn to research something specific because of just that. You want to know that your thoughts will become more than just a sneaking suspicion.

We have to first consider that looks can be deceiving. When you begin to research some of the history, you don’t want to feel let down and retire early. Most places may not have that smoking gun waiting for them in the early process of research. You can’t just settle on a location and remain convinced that you are absolutely certain if you have no proof and you can’t convince yourself to retire if after the first layer, you find nothing.

With a little bit of tedious work, devotion and determination … you may discover that your suspicion of the location as spot on. However, if you discover different, I hope you remember to correct others when they consider it as well.

I can’t say it enough, with the right amount of effort, and ability we can do anything. If you feel so strongly the old neighborhood abandoned house is haunted, do your part in researching it. You just may uncover more than you bargained for.