When art imitates personal life

When Art Imitates Paranormal Life

We have all visited paranormal locations, and read paranormal books, but rarely does one come upon a paranormal art exhibit. From September to January, the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York hosted an exhibit by Fernando Orellana entitled Shadows,

Each work of art blends modern paranormal research with spiritual and beliefs. Each offers a way for the dead to communicate with the living and the living to appreciate those that have passed on. The modern paranormal equipment measures temperature, infrared and electromagnetic frequency so visitors can view any anomalies as they view each work of art. The exhibit also incorporates items from estate sales in the Syracuse area. The artist interviews those living family members to find objects that were meaningful to the dead.

Her Child of Prague is a piece with a religious statue that had lovingly been repaired through the years. A piece with a particular presence, Their Songs, is an old piano that served one family for over a century. Other more interesting pieces are Her Bell, which highlights a hand bell, Their Words, which is a well-used family dictionary and Their Dolls, with a collection of well-worn dolls. Each item is attached to modern equipment so that the connection between the dead and the living remains, from our tradition senses to our scientific approaches.

. Orellana’s interactive exhibit underscores his predilection to merge media to provide a social commentary. An associate professor of digital art at Union College in Schnectady, this exhibit can delight, frighten and illustrate the questions we all have about life after life.

Sources: www.fernandoorellana.com

Shadows – By Fernando Orellana, pamphlet provided by the Everson Museum of Art, 2014

Lillee Allee

Lillee Allee

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