Wilhelm Reich


WILHELM REICH (1892-1957)
He was a quack psychiatrist, although he had an impressive pedigree, and had actually studied under Dr. Sigmund Freud himself. Reich claimed he discovered a new form of energy called “orgone”, and cited evidence of its existence. Reich claimed, for instance, if a you stare at the sky long enough, the ripples you see are the “orgone enregy”. In reality, doctors know the ripples are just an optical illusion due to eye strain, nothing more!

Orgone seemed to be the building blocks of the universe, and could also cure practically every disease, according to Reich. To date, no one has ever verified orgone’s existence, although Reich’s cult of followers continue to claim they have. In 1940 Reich invented a device that he claimed could cure everything from impotence to cancer called the “Orgone collector”…which was actually just an empty wooden box. Reich charged his clients around $250 per session of sitting in this phony miracle box. He also sold “Orgone blankets” and “Orgone pillows”, which also boasted curative powers, and were just ordinary blankets and pillows. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration obtained an injunction against Reich selling his products in 1954, but Reich defiantly continued to do so. In between Orgone research, Reich also claimed to have stopped a UFO invasion with a secret ray weapon he developed. You think the FDA would have been grateful to Reich for keeping us from being turned into pod people, but they still had him arrested. He died in Prison in 1957 for failing to obey a court order.

Ashley Ann Lewis

Ashley Ann Lewis

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Ashley became interested in the paranormal at a young age, but at that young age she did not have much understanding in it at all. I wasn’t until 2010 that she really became interested. Thanks to a Resolve carpet cleaning can that flew across the room, Ashley among three others who witness what happen that night, they pulled a team together. Ashley is a heavy researcher and though she may find the answer to what she is searching for she’ll search even harder. She’s overly determined and takes her part in the paranormal field very seriously. Between working hard and spending every dime she had she became a found of a paranormal team that is based out of Historic Louisiana and was honored to take on a position as a Representative with The National Paranormal Society. There is still so much she does not understand which drives her to work even harder and to further educate herself on everything.
Ashley Ann Lewis

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