William Winston House

d3Deshler High School Campus
200 Northeast Commons Street
Tuscumbia, Alabama
(256) 389-2910

On November 22, 1874 in the late nineteenth century a tornado bore down on the home of Judith Winston.
Although she did try to take cover, she failed and was crushed beneath rubble. Her sons retrived her
and she passed away in the front bedroom of the east side of the home from her injuries.

Paranormal Activity Noted –

One woman who was setting up for her daughter’s wedding was said to be disturbed by the chairs rattling by themselves.
Upset by the odd occurrence, the woman questioned the home’s curator and was told that Mrs. Winston simply wanted an
invitation. Once an oral invitation was given the chair rattling ceased. Some also credit Judith Winston’s spirit
with the “weeping walls” in the downstairs entry hall when there is the threat of a storm.

It is also said that some identify another spirit as that of William Winston, as William Winston, the home’s builder.
It is said he has been seen standing at the top of the stairs and wandering through the halls.


Source – Southern Spirit Guide