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images_elibraryFor an item to be paranormal we have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is not a normal phenomena. Being familiar with a variety of scientific fields is desirable but not always possible. Where do you turn when you need to look up a phenomena that you have little familiarity with? The National Paranormal Society utilizes the WISE (World Institute for Scientific Exploration) as research repository and provides links to them from our site:http://national-paranormal-society.org/wise/

WISE keeps a digital library of periodicals available for researchers at: http://wisewiki.org/tiki-index.php…

The subcategories below have a number of journals (no longer current and current) in the following topic areas:

1. Biomedical Journals and Periodicals
2. Consciousness and Parapsychology Journals and Periodicals
3. Alternative and New Energy Journals and Periodicals
4. Scientific Anomalies and Unexplained Physical Phenomena Journals and Periodicals
5. Social Science Journals and Periodicals on Unexplained Phenomena and Events
6. Multiple Disciplinary Journals and Periodicals on Unexplained Phenomena
7. Skeptic Journals and Periodicals

Neither NPS nor myself can recommend every journal or every article in a journal; however, this is a great place to begin exploring for information that is relevant to your paranormal investigations.

While browsing through the journals I found a journal that studies electromagnetic fields. The articles were informative and they even had a store listing of different products used in scientific field (can present us with great information than the k2 meter). Their site is: http://microwavenews.com/emf1.html

So take some time today to familiar yourself with WISE and read a new journal article on a topic that interests you!

Samuel Sanfratello

Samuel Sanfratello

My name is Samuel Sanfratello (Sam). I am a NY state dual-certified Mathematics and Special Education teacher and a nationally certified Consulting Hypnotist. I am also the proud owner and operator of two companies: Monroe Hypnosis and Rochester Analytics. I am a 2nd generation Spiritualist (American Spiritualism) and a certified Medium with the Plymouth Spiritualist Church (the mother church of modern spiritualism). I am an organizer of the Rochester Paranormal Researchers, founded in 2007 and a lead investigator for the Paranormal Science Institute’s F.R.I.N.G.E team. In my spare time, I give back to my community by doing volunteer work for my church and for my local chamber of commerce. I became interested in the paranormal when I spoke with a spirit in my grandmother’s house in the early 1980s. I enjoy reading publications and scientific articles about the fringe sciences and I enjoy sharing these understandings with others.
Samuel Sanfratello

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