World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE)


Mission of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE)

The primary mission of the WISE is to conduct, lead, and promote groundbreaking scientific research and investigations in countries worldwide on scientific anomalies, alternative, indigenous, and traditional medicine therapies, consciousness and parapsychology, new energy, historical mysteries, and other unexplained phenomena of all kinds. By doing so, WISE seeks to lead the way to help explain the many unanswered questions and mysterious phenomena and events of all kinds that have been observed and reported worldwide. In addition, WISE seeks to identify, digitize, and preserve all writings and other materials on the above subjects, and to provide a global platform through itsWISE Wiki and Digital Library, whereby such materials can be made freely available to the world.

Secondly, based on research and investigatory findings, WISE’s mission is to promote the development of extraordinary services, technologies, and products, especially in the medical, energy, agricultural, environmental, and consciousness fields, that will benefit people worldwide.And by doing this, we hope to help solve the major problems faced by people, and, thereby, improve the quality and enjoyment of life for everyone.

Vision of WISE

The vision of WISE is to be one of the major scientific research and investigatory institutes in the world: 1) doing scientific research on and investigating scientific anomalies, alternative, indigenous, and traditional medicine therapies, consciousness, new energy, and unexplained phenomena of all kinds; 2) promoting the development of breakthrough, extraordinary services, products, and technologies.

We are an activist scientific organization, leading and pushing the boundaries of research and the innovative, pioneering development of extraordinary services, technologies, and products worldwide to help solve the major problems of humanity.

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