(WISPS Paranormal) Wraith Investigators of Supernatural and Paradimensional Society

 wisps Contact Name  Brandon Bathrick – Founder
Location  Wellsboro, PA
United States – we go all over the US
Phone  607-425-1786
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Website  WISPSofPa.weebly.com
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Team specialties:
Paranormal Research Group Looking for Possible Cases!
Hello Everyone! Let me introduce W.I.S.P.S. to everyone! We are a group of professional paranormal investigators located in the beautiful rolling hills of PA. If you, a loved one, or even a friend has any question or concerns about the paranormal; please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are composed of some of the most experienced investigators in the field of paranormal research. Armed with state of the art paranormal equipment. WISPS covers all aspects of the paranormal field. We strive to investigate, research, and obtain credible evidence of the paranormal. All sessions are kept completely confidential. We might be based out of PA, but are willing to go anywhere to help anyone in need. Our services are always free. WISPS is currently looking for cases to investigate. So if you believe you may be experiencing something paranormal please contact US. We can
be contacted through a variety of social media sources: Instagram – WISPSofPa, and last of all at
www.WISPSofPa.weebly.com. We are here to help!