Wolfe Manor/ Clovis Ave. Sanitarium

112674 Clovis Avenue
Clovis, Ca.

In a town noted as the “Gateway to the Sierras” stood an opulant mansion known as Wolfe Manor. Completed in 1922 for Anthony Andriotti it stayed as a private residence until the upkeep bankrupted the owner who turned to alcohol and died in 1929. The manor has never known happiness and earned a reputation for a black hole of woefulness and death.

The manor sat empty until 1935 when it became a Sanitarium named Hazelwood. Hazelwood took in patients that were dying from TB. In 1942 it once again changed hands and became known as the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium and adopted a new role as a place for both the physically as well as the mentally ill. Many were dropped off at the door and things declined rapidly as many suffered behind its’ closed doors. The newly dead were stored in
the basement and locals told tales of the steady stream of bodies being carried out and it closed down shortly after.

In the year 1997 Todd Wolfe bought the property to make a Halloween attraction, however the obvious presence in the manor could not be denied. It seems something constantly harassed his employees and a figure that has been spotted in one of the rooms known as Mary’s room has physically grabbed those who have come in contact with the ghostly

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