Wright Patterson AFB & Hangar 18 – Dayton, Ohio

Wright Patterson AFB & Hangar 18 – Dayton, Ohio
By Stephanie Kelly

Most people are aware of Wright Patterson Air Force Base located in Dayton, Ohio. Wright Patterson was built in 1917 and is still one of the largest US Air Force bases in existence. This base is headquarters for the Air Force Materials Command with is responsible for research and development of cutting edge technology. The pass is the home for more than 60 units and well over 20,000 civilian and military employees.
Located on the base in the Top Secret Hangar 18. It is believed by some to be the first military location of Alien research and experimentation. A lot of this believe comes from a man named Marion Magruder. Marion was a WWII United States Air Force pilot who was also a member of the Air War College and was sent to investigate materials that were brought to Wright Patterson’s Hangar 18. Pilot Marion Milton Magruder, also known as Mac Magruder, was born in 1911 and died in 1997 at the age of 86. Pilot Magruder made a statement to his sons, on his deathbed, concerning what all he had seen at Hangar 18.
According to the children of Pilot Magruder, he said that he was rarely willing to talk about what happened, and what he had seen at Wright Field until approximately a month before his death. At that time, Magruder said that he was flown from the Air War College with others to Wright Field. Upon his arrival he saw pieces of debris, shrapnel, and two unknown aliens. He said that he saw 2 species at Wright Field; one appeared to friendly while the other was rather aggressive and was considered a military hostile.
Those present as Magruder was talking stated that his eyes would begin to well up as he talked about the aliens. Pilot Magruder, according to his children, arrived when the aliens were alive and watched as the Military performed multiple experiments until he watched them die. Magruder said that he helped move materials from Wright Field to Eglin Air Force Base, this included the corpses of the aliens.
To add to Pilot Magruder’s story, he was also stationed at Area 51! It is also documented that on July 26, 1952 a squad of motorcycle people arrived at Pilot Magruder’s home and escorted him to the Pentagon. This is approximately a week after the first sighting of UFO’s above Washington D.C and the night that the second UFO sighting in D.C. was documented.
Is this all coincidence? Is there something unexplained or extra terrestrial going on at Area 51? Was Magruder’s story true?

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