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yowieYowie, also known as Yayhoo, Youree, or Yahoo is a fanged humanoid marsupial, more likely a great ape, featured in Aboriginal mythology along with Australian Raptors and Burrunjor. The Yowie is considered to be the Australian Bigfoot, and contain many primate like features, possibly indicating that it is an undiscovered species of great ape (gigantopithecus) or prehistoric human. The Yowie is described as being one of the most aggressive Sasquatch species, and has been reported tearing heads off of kangaroos and dogs. It has been seen attacking humans as well. However that is rare.

The Yowie is described to be around 4 to 9 feet tall, with a large red mouth and talon-like claws according to Aborginal legends. It is also noted that the Yowie contained two large fang-like canines which distinct the Yowie from other bigfoot species. It usually has brown or reddish fur.