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Photography 1

[ fə tóggrəfee ]

  1. producing pictures with camera: the art, hobby, or profession of taking photographs, and developing and printing the film or processing the digitized array image
  2. using light to make pictures: the process of recording images by exposing light-sensitive film or array to light or other forms of radiation











Photography Discussion Week 1

Photography Discussion Week 2

Photography Basics

Understanding Photography Terms
Learning Photography Concepts (Cambridge in color)
Basic Photography Articles for Beginners
How to use your camera in cold weather
Paranormal photos and analyzing them (ASSAP link)
Introduction to Basic Camera Terms and Functions
Photography tips for taking snaps of the Paranormal
How to hold a camera and other tips for taking accurate pictures of the paranormal
Control photo
Full spectrum Photography
Dirty Camera
Photography and Human Vision: not the most perfect combination

About Your Camera

Digital Camera File Formats
Digital Photos and Zooming In


Shadow Manipulation


Camera Lens Reflection
Flash Reflection and Effects
Photography and Reflective Surfaces
Photo Reflections and Lens Flare


Exposure Basics: Correctly Expose your Photographs
Light Painting – The Art of Long Exposure

Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed and Aperture
Ghostly Photos or Simple Camera Tricks?
Orbs, Shutter Speed & Dust
The Illusion of Motion – Dust and Bugs
Discussion of columns of light

Lens Flare

Understanding Lens Flare (Cambridge in color)
How to eliminate Lens Flare (Digital Photography School)
How to prevent Lens Flare (Digital Photography School)
Quick tip: How to easily avoid Lens Flare
Want Better Photos or Video? Avoid Lens Flare
Lens Flare need not scare!


ISO settings in digital photography
ISO and what does it mean for cameras?


What is aperture in photography?
What is an aperture setting and what does it do?

Depth of Field

Understanding depth of field (Cambridge in Color)

Blurry Pictures

Digital Unsampling and Interpolation
Motion Blur
Motion Blur versus The Holy Grail

Camera Condensation

Cameras, Humidity and Condensation (The Digital Picture)
Fighting condensation with Reasonable Measures (Martin Bailey Photography)

Lens Fungus

Lens Fungus Cleaning
What is Lens Fungus? Can it really affect my camera gear?

Cell Phones

Cell phone cameras and photography
iPhone 5 Purple Haze and Lens Flare Issue
Backlit Cell Photos & Shadow Figures
How “Image aliasing” Allows iPhone Cameras to Photograph Spectres
Cell Phone Pictures – Paranormal Pariahs


Simulacra, Pareidolia and Apophenia
Pareidolia and Photos – Am I seeing things?


“Demonic Orbs” and Other Fallacies and Facts
All about Orbs

Articles of Interest

1850s to 1950s “Photoshop” before Photoshop
A Brief History of Paranormal Photography

Photography Resources

Cambridge In Colour



Top 20 Cameras
Beseler Topcon Super D
Blair Tourograph
Box Tengor
Camera Obscura
Canon A-1
Contax N Digital
Exakta A
Folding Pocket Kodak
Fuji MX-2700
Fuji Quicksnap
Graflex “Pre-Anniversary” Speed Graphic
Hasselblad 1600F
Kodak 110 Instamatic
Kodak Advantix 2000 Auto
Kodak DCS 420
Kodak Retina (Type 117)
Leica II
Minolta 7000
Minolta Disc-7
Nikon L135AF
Nippon Kogaku Nikon F
Polaroid Land 95
Sharp J-SH04 Mobile Phone
Stereo Weno
The Sliding Box Camera
Voigtländer – The Daguerreotype-Apparat Camera and Petzval Lens


NPS - Books






Pro Secrets to Dramatic Digital Photos

Fundamentals of Photo Composition

Digital Photographer’s Complete Guide to HD Video

Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light

Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

The Digital Photography Book

The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

Focus: Found Faces: Your World, Your Images

VisionMongers: Making a Life and a Living in Photography

Digital Masters: Nature Photography: Documenting the Wild World

BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro by Jim Miotke

The Digital Photography Book, volumes 1, 2 and 3 by Scott Kelby

Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera by Bryan Peterson

The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman

The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression by Bruce Barnbaum

Basic 35mm Photo Guide for Beginning Photographers by Craig Alesse