Isle of Wight Haunted Places

1. Knighton Gorges, Isle of Wight—Elizabethan house has been gone nearly 2 centuries. Very active site that includes multiple ghosts, supernatural creatures (gargoyles), power drains, cars break down there.

Supposedly most haunted place on the Isle of Wight “Ghosts of Knighton Gorges”. Vanishing building

Book by Gay Baldwin, © 2010 publ by Gay Baldwin “We love the Ghost of the Isle of Wight books”

2. The Botanic Gardens, Ventnor. An old TB hospital (Royal National Hospital)-full figure apparitions

3. The Longstone at Mottistone—thought to be the remains of a Neolithic tomb –standing stone were important place for Druids and Celts of the island probably for place of worship.

4. Ghost Ship –Dunnose point off southeast coast of island. HMS Eurydice sank in 1878, claiming more than 300 lives. Mark Tuckey, Isle of Wight Ghost Walks Tour guide or

5. Carisbrooke Castle-King Charles was imprisoned there for about 10 months prior to his execution. A grey lady who walks four dogs, is spotted on the premises, a workman by the moat,and a young girl, Elizabeth Ruffin, who drowned in the well. Her disembodied face is seen in the water.

See facebook group in 1. The group is run by the author of many of the ghost books here, Gay Baldwin, and she can be contacted there.