Kecksburg Crash 1965

651December 9,1965 a large brilliant fireball in the sky was witnessed by millions in six U.S sates as well as the Ontario province of Canada.
It is said to have dropped molten metal debris in the U.S. state of Michigan and Ohio causing small grass fires as well as creating
sonic booms in Pittsburg Pa. After authorities disclaimed usage of other proposed explanations it was then assumed it was a meteor.

This did not rest well with the residents of Kecksburg Pa which is located approx. 30 miles SE of Pittsburgh. A child told his mother he saw something land and his mother witnessed wisps of smoke rising in the yonder woods there by notifying the local authorities. Others in this small town also reported vibrations and thumps at the time of the proposed landing. The fire Dept members reported finding a object thesize of a compact car shaped much like that of an acorn with odd writing resembling that of the Egypitian Hieroglyphics encircling the
base of the craft. Civilians in the area report a heavy US Army presence whom order the towns folk out of the area and removed the craft on a flatbed, however the Army claims they searched the woods and found nothing.

There are other events that also occured on or around the time of the sighting. The Federal Aviation Administration had received 23 reports from aircraft pilots, the first starting at 4:44 p.m. A seismograph 25 miles southwest of Detroit had recorded the shock waves created by the fireball as it passed through the atmosphere. The Sky and Telescope article concluded that “the path of the fireball extended roughly from northwest to southeast” and ended “in or near the western part of Lake Erie”.

The headlines the next morning clearly prove there was an army presence in the area as the Tribune-Review from nearby Greensburg who had a reporter at the scene ran an article the next morning, “Unidentified Flying Object Falls near Kecksburg — Army Ropes off Area”. The article went on to say “The area where the object landed was immediately sealed off on the order of U.S. Army and State Police officials, reportedly in anticipation of a ‘close inspection’ of whatever may have fallen… State Police officials there ordered the area roped off to await the
expected arrival of both U.S. Army engineers and possibly, civilian scientists. However, a later edition of the newspaper stated that nothing had been found after authorities searched the area.

The official explanation of the widely seen fireball was that it was a mid-sized meteor. However speculation as to the identity of the Kecksburg object range from alien craft to Nazi Anti-gravity Crafts all the way to debris from Cosmos 96, a Soviet Space Probe Intended for Venus but never left the atmosphere.

This has been investigated by many and TV shows have hungered and fed on this story for years now. The US Command replied with the following back 652
in 1991 with the release of this statement. US Space Command concluded that Kosmos 96 crashed in Canada at 3.18am on December 9, 1965, about
13 hours before the fireball thought to be the Kecksburg object undergoing re-entry was recorded at 4:45pm. However in a 2003 interview Chief Scientist for Orbital Debris at the NASA Johnson Space Center Nicholas L. Johnson stated: I can tell you categorically, that there is no way that any debris from Kosmos 96 could have landed in Pennsylvania anywhere around 4:45 p.m. “That’s an absolute.” “Orbital mechanics is very strict.”

In 2003: Sci Fi Channel re-investigated the case with a scientific study of the area and related records by the Coalition for Freedom of Information act and he most significant finding of the scientific team was a line of damaged trees broken at the top leading to the site where some eyewitnesses said they saw the object embedded in the soil along with associated fresh tree damage. Furthermore, tree core samples dated the damage to 1965. This provided physical evidence that something airborne may have come crashing through the trees and landed in the woods.

In December 2005, just before the 40th anniversary of the Kecksburg crash, NASA released a statement to the effect that they had examined metallic fragments from the object and now claimed it was from a re-entering “Russian satellite”. The spokesman further claimed that the related records had been misplaced. According to an Associated Press story: The object appeared to be a Russian satellite that re-entered the atmosphere and broke up. NASA experts studied fragments from the object, but records of what they found were lost in the 1990s.
Also in December 2005, a lawsuit was filed to get NASA to search more diligently for the alleged lost records. On October 26, 2007, NASA agreed to search for those records after being ordered by the court. The judge, who had tried to move NASA along for more than 3 years, angrily referred to NASA’s previous search efforts as a “ball of yarn” that never fully answered the request.

653Again in November 2009, Leslie Kean filed a report on the results of the NASA search. It seems Documents were still missing or reported destroyed and little of interest was turned up relevant to the Kecksburg case. Of particular interest was a missing box of “fragology” files, reported destroyed, related to recovery and examination of the space debris, but despite reservations about the thoroughness or accuracy of the search, Kean said they felt they had exhausted their legal remedies and ended the lawsuit against NASA.

The list of those investigating this goes on and on as does the battle with NASA. But one thing remains true. Similarities have been drawn between the Kecksburg incident and the Roswell UFO incident, leading to the former being referred to as “Pennsylvania’s Roswell.”

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