by Virginia Carraway Stark

MUFON reported on October 15, 2015 a cigar shaped UFO was spotted over the city of Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. A large, central light with three small lights surrounded in a triangle was reported by numerous witnesses.

Immediately after the sighting, military jets were seen in pursuit of the unidentified flying object. Witnesses stated the the lights on the object did not blink or strobe as the marker lights on airplanes are known to do. After it was pursued by three military jets a central light on the object that was shaped nothing like the fighter jets had a central light in its center turn red. Witnesses said that although they could clearly hear the noise from the fighter jets, that there was no sound from the strange object even though it appeared to be about the same distance and altitude away as the jets. The red light later changed colour to orange and blue-green and then back to an orange red.

Multiple similar sightings in the area have been reported in the Peace River region. Information and witness reports used with permission from MUFON.