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Yes, we can hear the logic spinning in your brain right now as you say to yourself, “How can it be National and International at the same time? Truth is, we didn’t know how far it was gonna go when we started it. NPS has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to envelop the paranormal globe. We represent many countries around the globe and expand every day.


NPSI, as a department of National Paranormal Society, is dedicated to assisting those in need of help dealing with all aspects of the paranormal globaly, as well as offering a resource for investigators, researchers, spiritualist and all other individuals working within the paranormal field to call upon for education and knowledge sharing.


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The Mysterious Man From Taured

On a hot and muggy night in 1954 passengers stood in line at customs at the Tokyo airport. Somber and awaiting their passaports to be stamped customs reviewed the hordes of passengers documentation presented, one man seem to stand out. Tall, dark and mysterious the professional appearing man awaited his turn in the long line. …

The Jumbees of Anguilla

Rising Soca music echoing through an island who’s name literally means eel due to its’ shape one would not think of this tropical paradise as having anything to do with superstition. Millions of visitors grace its’ sandy beaches never knowing what is lurking, watching & waiting in the wings to induce thoughts that nightmares are …

Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta Canada

Nestled in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a beautiful castle like hotel known as the Banff Springs Hotel. It was originally built as a Canadian railroad hotel by William Cornelius Van and opened its’ doors on June 1, 1888. It is within walking distance of the resort community of Banff. It is considered to be …

Haunted Beach Of India : Dumas Beach

by Ayran MEtzender Dumas Beach in Gujarat already has an ominous ring to its name. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. This beach is located very near Surat, one of the developed cities of the state. This particular beach draws countless visitors almost …

Quarantine Station, Australia

by Ayran MEtzender Although picturesque and peaceful-looking, Sydney’s Quarantine Station (QS) harbours a dark past, entrenched in isolation, suffering, disease and death. Built on ground used by Indigenous tribes for healing and burial rituals, the QS has been used for isolation of suspected disease carriers for over 150 years. From the 1830s to 1984, migrant …



Hey everyone! My name is Bethany Schelling. I’m a mother of a beautiful 11 year old daughter. I am also a waitress/bartender and studying cosmetology. I love in a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by friends and family. I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. I asked everyone a ton of questions and never really got the answers I was looking for. After my first couple of unexplained incidents, I started looking for serious answers. Belief isn’t enough for me. I want evidence that can stand for itself. I come from a logical point of view and believe science is going to help answer the questions we have. I want to continue to learn and help anyway I can