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Chris Frost/Benjamin Pettis

Email: gtman28@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/satsangaparanormal


Summerville, SC

We are a team of like minded individuals based in Summerville, SC
(Just outside of Charleston, SC). Our team’s goal is to explore the
possibilities of life after death.

Within our time in existence we have completed many investigations
both as public events and private ones. Our main aim is exploring
possible paranormal activity and trying to gain evidence, either for
paranormal activity or debunking through scientific means (usually
with the assistance of audio and video equipment). We respect our
clients through confidential agreements, and therefore not all
investigation reports are public. Most of the EVP’s posted on either
the Facebook page or website will contain evidence gathered on our
teams own investigations at historical sites.

We enter each investigation on the basis of looking for a physical
explanation, not a paranormal one. We take each investigation very
seriously. WE ARE A NON – PROFIT GROUP. We investigate possible
haunted locations because it is a passion for the team. It is not a
money making business. Unfortunately this does not mean everything is
free of charge for us. It does mean however that contributions help
fund investigations, weather the fuel we use or equipment that
constantly needs batteries and updates!

If you think somewhere, indoors or outside, is possibly haunted please
feel free to send us a private Facebook PM or share your story on the
wall. THANKS!

– Ben and Chris

Ken Weigand

Ken Weigand

Senior Director / Webmaster at National Paranormal Society
Ken is a graphic designer, web developer and co-founder of One True Paranormal, a para-group in southwest Missouri.
Ken Weigand

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