Union Hotel

z3Union Hotel
401 First Street, PO Box 874
Benicia, California 94510
(707) 746-0110

The Union Hotel seems to be haunted by two apparitions,a young man and a young woman. Legend states that in the 1800s a young, distraught woman hung herself in one of the rooms.She is described as having a woeful demeanor.
They say she has been seen as a full apparition wandering the hallways & several of the bedrooms as well as sadly peering out the windows. She has been heard crying and talking to herself when the hotel is still and empty. Lights also turn off and turn on by themselves.The Young Man apparition is thought to be connected to her in some way.
Has has been seen in the bar area and the dining room looking wistfully toward the staircase.
Source – Haunted Houses